After at least 10 years of physical discomfort and often pain I went to Sytske Lohof for treatment. The discomfort was mainly in the lower part of the back, regular urinating and having difficulties with sitting a long time in a row. I really like to ride my racingbike but after 20 minutes this was far from comfortable. The treatments have been a tremendous help and during the treatments the Sylo-pen was used. During treatment a lot more physical problems arose.Very sensitive buttocks and upper leg muscles, abdomen and even the upper back. The Sylo-pen was used on the painful areas and I felt immedeate result: less pain and relaxation. Fantastic! I wanted to have my own Sylo-pen and this was possible. The treatments I received from Sytske have stopped, not a lot of them were needed. A miracle! Today I am using the Sylo-pen myself when I feel some discomfort. I have not had such a supple and painfree body for years. Riding my racingbike has been extended to 1,5 hours and it still does not hurt when sitting. I am very happy and a big fan of Sylo-pen. T.H, juli 2020

After giving birth 3 years ago, I had a lot of problems in my pelvic area. I could not sit and I could not stand for long. I was referred to a renowned pelvic physiotherapist who saw that my tailbone was not aligned with my back. She put it back in line. Unfortunately, the pain did not disappear. I was then referred to a pain clinic. The pelvic physiotherapist there soon indicated that she could not help me if the pelvic physiotherapist mentioned above could not have helped me either. She referred me to Sytske. I am so glad I got to know her! It turned out that my tailbone was still not in line with my back and after a simple treatment Sytske managed to put it back in the right place. The muscles around my tailbone had to endure a lot and had to be treated as well. The "stick-pen" offered a solution for this. What a relief! Already after the first treatment I felt improvement and I had some faith in my body again! After a number of treatments and purchasing a "backjoy" I was able to sit again! The complaints disappeared completely after several visits. I had faith in my body again and dared to have a second pregnancy. Already during my pregnancy Sytske treated me with the "Sylo-pen" and the birth was fantastic. I could immediately walk, sit and do whatever I wanted to do. Now, four months after my last delivery, we stopped the treatments because things are going so well! I have purchased a Sylo-pen so that I can get started at home if I still have some complaints. Sytske thanks for your physical and mental support. My life has completely changed because of you! You are an angel!

Hello Sytske

IIn 2009 I had a serious car accident, in which my pelvis was broken and I had a crack(? Torsion? Fracture?) in my back. I have had many different treatments, including periods treated by a specialized pain team. Now I have come a long way. During the treatments that I have had with Sytske, she regularly uses the Sylo-pen. The Sylo-pen works very well for me to loosen my body. It gives a short pain that then almost immediately disappears after use and has a lot of effect. The Sylo-pen gives a short and quick pain, shorter painful than massaging and it feels as if everything can be released much more focused and faster and as if it is released more deeply. The effect after using the Sylo-pen is difficult to describe or to compare with something. But it has helped me enormously ... my body is becoming a little looser, as if it is more unlocked:

Kind regards, MG (Oosterwolde)

Hi Sytske,

Sytske asked me to write about the Sylo-pen and I can only be very positive about this. It is now a year and a half since I gave birth to my first child. Already from 20 weeks of pregnancy I got pelvic and back problems and have been searching for the right help for a long time. I visited both a physical therapist and a chiropractor but nothing really helped, my complaints got worse and got more and more pain. When my tailbone went out of alignment during birth, I could hardly do anything anymore. I had many examinations at the hospital and nobody really knew what to do with me. Only six months after childbirth did I happen to end up at Sytske via a TV program. She knew immediately what to do, she repositioned my tailbone and treated my muscles with the Sylo pen. From that time on I got better and better. I had a lot of treatments and now I still visit the practice every 2 to 3 weeks to be treated with the Sylo-pen. It is always just as painful but the effect is super. My muscles are immediately released with the Sylo-pen and have so much more effect than regular massage. I always go home a lot better than how I came. Sometimes I have 1 or 2 days of pain, but then it goes a lot better. I have sometimes said that I would like to have a Sylo-pen at home so that I could do it myself if I am in pain. Sytske has given my life back with the Sylo-pen treatments and I would recommend it to anyone!

Greetings, C.C. (Ter-Apel)

Sytske asked me if I wanted to write a piece about her Sylo pen. The Sylo-pen that she has designed and will bring to the market. Enthusiastically I said yes and I am sure this will be a success! A photo of a girl from Africa is hanging in her office, I asked her about the photo. She explained to me that she would like to go to Africa with her Sylo-pen (original name) to help the people there too. I like that about Sytske, she is a therapist who thinks about her patient and her fellow human. She genuinely loves her profession, which she carries out with so much love and passion. For me the Sylo-pen is something great. She treats all the pressure and triggerpoints, it feels funny and I always laugh. It is different but just so nice, so simple but such a big effect. Best invention ever!

Big hug for you, J.H. (New Amsterdam)

I would like to purchase the Sylo-pen. After decades with sometimes severe pains and many types of treatments, I came to Sytske through good references for back / pelvic problems. In the end, through a simple observation, my tailbone turned out to be out of line. (Still unfortunate that this is an unknown problem for "normal" physiotherapists) Sytske's NIMOC treatment has completely changed my life. The total treatment, including after-treatment, took about half a year. The distance (52km) was more than worth it to me. I can now suffice with an occasional visit to my therapist in the neighborhood. Because my body was extremely stiff and blocked, Sytske used her own developed Sylo-pen. I have experience with dry-needling. This is more painful and can only be performed on one side of the body, and the treatments take longer. With the purchase of my own Sylo-pen, I hope to be able to treat myself (or have it treated) to become and stay even more flexible and agile.

Kind regards, A.V. (Uithuizermeeden)

In 2011 I had a car accident and I suffered a fracture. This has not been noticed /acknowledged by various doctors and specialists for a long time and has therefore been carried on for too long. So after many visits to different doctors, specialists who could not explain it, I ended up at Sytske through my chiropractor. I was amazed that she was able to place the tailbone in the right position and that I had walked around with it for so long. However, the high muscle tension in my body remained and we are still working on that. I find it amazing what Sytske does in the short time that I am with her for treatment and I mean emphatically what she does with her "Sylo-pen". I can handle a large area for a short time and I feel a lot nicer going away than how I entered. Unfortunately, the high muscle tension does not stay away long enough and it returns. But finally you can now order the Sylo pen and use it yourself at home. I personally looked forward to it for a long time and ordered it and I am very curious what it will bring me. So far I have been helped very well by Sytske and very grateful that she helped me from my back pain. Sytske keep it up!

Thank you, R.S. from Emmer-Compascuum