Is Sylo-pen suitable for my situation:

I am not a physiotherapist, can I order the Sylo-pen?
Yes, you can order the Sylo-pen as a non-professional for home use.
I feel pain and have triggerpoints in a muscle, can I use the Sylo-pen for this?
Yes, when you feel pain in a muscle you can use the Sylo-pen.
I have muscle pain after sports, can I use the Sylo-pen to treat this?
Yes, you can use the Sylo-pen when you have muscle pain; it will help you recover more quickly.
I have pain in a tendon. Can I use the Sylo-pen to treat this?
First check which muscle is attached to the tendon and then start treating the muscle and not the tendon.
I have adhesions in my connective tissue, can I use the Sylo-pen to treat this?
Yes, by striking across the connective tissue, the connective tissue becomes more flexible.
I have got scar tissue. Can I use the Sylo-pen?
Yes, the Sylo-pen can be used for scar tissue. Place the Sylo pen across the stiff connective tissue (scar tissue).
I have had scar tissue for many years. Can I use the Sylo-pen?
Yes, you can use the Sylo-pen for this. Place the Sylo-pen across the stiff connective tissue, starting carefully. The skin around the scar can be thinner..
I have a blood disease. Can I use the Sylo-pen?
No, with a blood disease you cannot use the Sylo-pen.
I have a pacemaker. Can I use the Sylo-pen?
You will have to consult your physician to find out if you can use the Sylo-pen.
My skin is damaged and irritated, can I use Sylo-pen?
You cannot use Sylo-pen on damaged, irritated or bleeding tissue.
I do not feel entirely fit. Can I use the Sylo-pen?
If you do not feel fit, consult a physician before you use the Sylo-pen. When you have a fever, do not use the Sylo-pen.


How to use the Sylo-pen?
1. First, ask the person you are treating to consciously relax the treatment area by consciously releasing the muscle.

2. Use your finger to find the place where the trigger point is and/or where you feel (muscle) tension.

3. Hold the Sylo-pen with a pen handle (?as you would a pen?) in the middle, between the second and third ridge.

4. Next, ask the person again to consciously relax the muscle that you want to treat with the Sylo-pen.

5. Hold the Sylo-pen perpendicular to where you want to treat and touch the tip with the skin.

6. From this light pressure you press down twice insequence whereby the tip of the Sylo-pen keeps in contact with the skin. The pressure you use must not be painful. Note: First start very gently; you can always increase the pressure in consultation with the person being treated.

7. The area where the skin is touched may be somewhat sensitive; this is normal . You should wait until the sensitivity has disappeared and only then continue to the next spot on the skin; never treat the same spot twice in one session.

8. A (un)conscious muscle contraction, a twitch, can occur during the treatment and is not disturbing.

9. Before using the Sylo-pen in another spot, you must again ask the person to consciously relax the muscle again. Continue with point 2.

10. Please note: it is possible that you will receive a small bruiseafterwards. This will recover within a few days to two weeks (especially if the person treated is taking bloodthinners). If it does not subside , consult a doctor.

11. Do not treat the same spot on the skin more than once a week. The tissue needs time to recover and adapt.

12. Disinfect the Sylo-pen after each use.
Can I use Sylo-pen on every muscle in the body?
You can use the Sylo-pen for most muscles. For the non-professional: do not use Sylo-pen for muscles on the head, neck, armpits, groin and around the genitals. You should not trigger the Sylo-pen on blood vessels, nerves, bones, joints or lymph nodes.
How do I know where the muscles and triggerpoints are located in my body?
Via the App: Muscle Trigger Points you can see where the pain is at each muscle; this is the blue part. You can also see where the trigger point is; this is the blue cross in the muscle. That is the place where you must treat.
Where can I get more information on triggerpoints?
There is a nice book that contains a lot of information: Handbook trigger point therapy; reduce pain yourself from Clair Davies 9789069635965 or E-book.
Why do I have to relax before using Sylo-pen?
Generally when you are in a state of relaxation, the muscle is already in relaxation, so there is better result with treatment and the treatment is also less painful.


How should I hold the Sylo-pen?
You should use the three-point-grip.
How often can you treat muscles with the Sylo-pen?
Generally you can treat a single muscle once a week. Unless there is a bruise that has not yet disappeared, then you have to wait until it has disappeared.
How should I apply pressure?
Apply light pressure on the point you want to treat. press down 2 to 3 subsequent times, whereby the tip of the Sylo-pen remains in contact with the skin.
How often do I press down on a certain spot?
You can press down 2 to 3 times on one spot.
How much pressure should I apply?
First of all, hold the Sylo pen with a three-point handle and then give it a slight pressure. Start very gentle in consultation with the person undergoing the treatment. It must not be painful; at most somewhat sensitive, but this must be gone immediately.
Can I apply pressure to multiple areas in a muscle?
If there is no sensitivity, then you may strike more often in another place in the muscle belly. If there is sensitivity and it has disappeared immediately, you can also apply pressure more often in another part of the muscle belly.
When a muscle contracts, is that okay?
That is perfectly okay. It is called a twitch. The same thing also occurs in dry needling when a muscle is triggered.
How should I clean the Sylo-pen?
First disinfect the stainless steel pin of the Sylo pen with a gauze pad soaked with 70% alcohol. Maintain a contact time of at least 30 seconds. Then disinfect the green part of Sylo with a gauze that is well moistened with 70% alcohol.
How should I store the Sylo-pen?
You can store the Sylo-pen in the case you received when purchasing Sylo-pen.
Can I disinfect with other solvents?
No, you cannot disinfect with other solvents. (this will void any warranty of the Sylo-pen)
Can I submerge the Sylo-pen?
No, you cannot submerge the Sylo-pen. (This will void any warranty of the Sylo-pen)

Ordering process

Can I order more than 1 Sylo-pen at the time?
Yes, you can order more than 1 Sylo-pen at once. You can choose the amount you want in our webshop. When you order 3 or more, we will not charge any shipping costs.
Can I order Sylo-pen as a gift?
Yes, that is certainly possible and it is great that you are going to give the Sylo-pen as a gift! If you let us know in the order that it is a gift, we will wrap the Sylo-pen in a fun way. You can also add a personal message if desired. If you wish, you can adjust the shipping address to the address of the lucky recipient who will receive the Sylo-pen as a gift, so that the package will be delivered there as quickly as possible.


How fast will the Sylo-pen be delivered?
If the Sylo pen is ordered before noon, we will ship the same day. Most Dutch addresses will receive the order within three days. International arrival times will vary per country.
Can the Sylo-pen be shipped abroad?
We try to deliver the Sylo pen everywhere. Is your country not on the list during the ordering process? Then please contact us directly by sending an email to
Do I make a separate payment for delivery?
Because we send the Sylo pen to different countries, we have determined that you pay the shipping costs yourself. We ship the Sylo-pen from the Netherlands. By entering your contact details with your order, you will immediately see the shipping costs to your address.
I have received a damaged Sylo-pen.. what should I do?
Contact us by sending an email to You can then send the Sylo pen back by delivering the package to the local post office. The return costs will be reimbursed and we will send you a new Sylo pen.