The Sylo-pen is developed as a tool to help break up adhesions in the muscles and connective tissue in the body creating more suppleness and reduce pain.

The Sylo-pen can support the physiotherapist when treating muscle and connective tissue such as mysofascial triggerpoints, scar tissue and fasci.

Using the Sylo-pen speeds up the recovery of muscle strain. The Sylo-pen is used on the skin and does not penetrate the skin.

The Sylo-pen is generally meant to be used by professionals but as long as good instruction is given by the professional therapist the Sylo-pen can be used by consumers (patients) as well in the home setting

The Sylo-pen was brought on the market in November of 2019.

Advantages of the

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Large area per treatment possible
Because the treatment time for muscles or fasci is very short, results will be noticeable right away and therefore a large area of the muscles or fasci can be covered per treatment.
Immediate idiate result
The results can be experienced immediately by both the patient and the therapist. By palpating the muscle afterwards, as a therapist you can feel the difference. The patient usually feels less pain and/or the treated area is more supple afterwards.
To be used on larger and smaller areas, even the intermediate rib muscles
The Sylo-pen van be used for larger muscles, for example the m. gluteus maximus. Oftentimes different areas of the muscle need to be treated. When treating the fasci around the muscles, like with the hamstrings, you will use the Sylo-pen on the fasci, between the muscles on both the caudal an cranial part. You can use the same Sylo-pen when treating the hand or feet musculature, where you are dealing with very small muscles. You can use Sylo-pen on the intercostal muscles in the areas you cannot reach with your fingers and where it is contraindicated to treat with dryneedling.
Ergonomic and hygienic
The Sylo-pen is made to be ergonomic and is hygienic because of the small opening at the front. This opening is so small, it is not prone to collect bacteria. After using the Sylo-pen it is mandatory to clean it with alcohol.
To be used without restrictions
No extra tools are needed to use the Sylo pen. After cleaning it can be used immediately and without restriction.
Reduces the burden on the practitioner’s joints and body
Due to the light pressure that has to be given and the quick result, much less strain is put on the practitioner's joints and body than with traditional acupressure treatments by hand. Patients are very satisfied and for physiotherapists the work is far easier. What could you ask for? . At the end of a long work week you can shake someone's hand normally(?). Very important!!!