As a patient and therapist I can say something about the Sylo-pen. For tailbone complaints I have been treated by Sytske. Sytske treated my muscle tension in the buttock region with the Sylo-pen. As a result, I noticed a huge difference in muscle tension immediately after treatment. The treatment is not painful, perhaps slightly sensitive, but this quickly disappears.

As a therapist I can now also use the Sylo-pen with my patients and I am enthusiastic! It is an easy and fast way to create muscle relaxation. I also use Dry Needling, but certainly it is not allowed to do on everyone and not in every region on the body.I notice that I use the Sylo pen even faster with just as much result or even better! The patients also respond well and immediately notice a difference.


Lienke Krikken
Psychosomatic physical therapist

The Sylo-pen is an asset to any physiotherapy practice. Applicable for all physiotherapists, i.e. for experienced and non-experienced therapists, for specialization directions etc.

The pen is user-friendly for the therapist as well as the patient. Fast, easy and very versatile!


Mirjam Stoetman
Registered pelvic physiotherapist